Amelia’s Cleaners is a one-stop shop for all your garment and household care needs.  We offer SAME DAY SERVICE for dry cleaning and laundering.  Bring it in by 9AM and you can pick it up after 5pm.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning is here! 

Our expert dry cleaning is carefully inspected by a professionally trained team member on premises.  We treat stains with the utmost care, please notify our team member if there are any special areas of stains. Now with an eco-friendly solvent and machine!

Our wet cleaning machine cleans your shirt and helps maintain the bold colors of your button up shirts while getting all the grime and stains out.  Then it is pressed in clean lines to get you the finished, professional look.
From formal wear to hemming jeans, our professional tailors will ensure that your clothing fits properly.  Our on-site tailor will measure and alter your clothes for that personalized, tailored fit.
Don’t know how to wash your upholstery or your linens?  Let us handle it.  We clean and sanitize your down comforters, satin sheets, or your curtains.  Have stain on your fancy table cloth? Bring it in and see what we can do!
Preserve your memories with us. Help prevent yellowing of your wedding and christening gowns.  We will professionally wash and package your cherished gowns so they last as long as your memories do.
Be sure that your valuable investments get the proper care.  Let us handle your suede and leather and maintain the precious garment for you.
Did you ruin or stain your favorite pair of shoes or handbag? Let us help.  We can clean and/or repair your shoes and handbag to give them extra life!
Did this past year’s snow ruin your boots?  No!  Let us clean and recondition your UGG (or shearling) boots. No need to spend hundreds of dollars every year because of salt stains.
In a rush? No problem! Bring your clothes in by 9 and we can have it back to you by 5.